About us

Following the period of Socialism and village collectivization when winegrowing was abolished in most of Serbia, the founders of DeLena Vineyards & Winery continued with the family tradition in 2008 by renewing the family-owned vineyards and restarting the wine production in the village of Lipovac. At the same time, just as their forefathers had done with the Venčac Vineyard Cooperative in 1903, they took active part in the establishment of the Association of Šumadija Winemakers whose objective is to protect the geographic origin of the Šumadija wines and to promote their uniqueness on the world stage.

DeLena Vineyards & Winery is a family owned and operated winery with limited annual production. All wines are made exclusively using estate grown fruit and are bottled and produced on site. The winery is located 50 miles south of Belgrade and is open for visitors by appointment only.