Making of the highest quality wines using estate grown fruit has been the guiding principle of our ancestors for over a century. As the fifth generation winegrowers, we too believe in allowing our estate vineyards to speak through wines that are truly representative of their region.

As the marketplaces around the world get flooded with wines mass-produced by large commercial wineries, we take an unconventional approach to modern winemaking: we believe in taking a long-term view. That our current profits should go towards ensuring the quality of our future wines. And there is no better way to do this but to invest in our own vineyards.

For us, canopy management is a big deal. Leafing, tucking and hedging long shoots is critical for vine growth to stay within the trellis system to allow it just the right amount of sun light. In the weeks leading up to harvest we remove all but the best fruit. We do that by hand, one grape cluster at a time. We are selective and meticulous about how we cultivate and make wine. It is only this way that our values and highest aspirations can be fulfilled and continued for generations to come.

The green grape, the ripened grape, the dried raisin, change after change,
not into nothing, but into something that is not yet.
(Epictetus, Discourses III.24, 91.)