In the vineyards

Great wine is born in the vineyard. For this reason, all ampelotechnical measures in the vineyards are done by hand. Certain measures such as soft pruning are done concurrently for all varieties. Other measures such as shoot plucking, defoliation and thinning (grape reduction) are performed selectively in various phenophases depending on the specific grape variety, soil and vineyard exposure.

The agro-technical measures are conducted mechanically and by hand (such as hoeing up). By frequently doing ridge and disc plowing, we strive to eliminate the application of herbicides which results in sustainable growing practices. These measures also allow soil to provide plants with nutrients they need, effective weed protection, protection from drought and excessive moisture.

During the harvest, the phenological grape ripening is monitored several times a day. The grapes are harvested when the ideal parameters are reached. Grape picking is exclusively done by hand in the early morning hours or at dusk. Prior to processing, the grapes are held in cold storage where different varieties are cooled at their individually prescribed temperatures.